The M Family | Mentor, Ohio Family Photographer

Remember this incredible crew? I had the honor of hanging out with them again last weekend, our main goal being to get a really solid family photo.

Good thing we nailed it right out of the gate, because as soon as we got our first batch of shots, the skies opened and we got pretty wet while we ran for cover. Instead of panicking, everybody laughed, and I can't tell you how happy that made me. Even Maddy was unruffled, which is pretty impressive, considering shes's three months old.

Okay, speaking of laughter. I shared this story on Facebook and Instagram, but I have to document it here, too, because it's my new fave. During an attempt to squeeze in a couple more family shots, Avery decided to tell me a story, and in the middle of it, she shouted "Look! A squirrel!" I've heard that phrase a hundred times, but never before in complete seriousness. Thank you, Universe, for three year olds.

It was fun to see how much Maddy has grown since I last saw her 2 1/2 months ago. She's still the most content baby ever born, and she's still stunningly beautiful. I see a lot of big sister in her face.

M Family, you're just a joy to be around, and I hope you love your family photos as much as I do!