Caroline is Two | Fairview Park, Ohio Milestone Photographer

I took Caroline's two-year photos at Mastick Woods in the Rocky River Reservation, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite spots in Cleveland. There's something for everyone there — the river, wooded areas, clearings, and a small playground. 

Caroline, who was sporting the cutest spring outfit ever, was a big fan of the playground, and spent much of our time together climbing up and down the steps, loving life and cheering herself on — "I did it!" with the confidence of a girl who's encouraged often and loved deeply. Good work, Mom and Dad.

It's no surprise that the swings were a big hit, and I think the best photos of the day happened there. Look at all those amazing expressions! 

We spent a little time wandering around, letting Caroline lead the way. That's the key to a successful photo shoot with toddlers; if you let them call the shots, magic will happen. 

Caroline, I loved spending my sunny Saturday morning with you! Happy 2nd Birthday, you brave, independent, remarkable girl.

I get to see these three again in a few months, when they welcome their newest little one to their family, and it's gonna be amazing.