Meghan's Happiest Mother's Day | Cleveland, Ohio Fresh 48 Photographer

Well, baby Keegan certainly gave his mama a Mother's Day to remember! He entered the world just an hour into the holiday, healthy and perfect and a BOY. Meghan didn't find out the sex beforehand, and I always love when parents go this route. My husband and I kept it a surprise with our second baby, and it was one of the coolest experiences of my life. Two and a half years later, I still frequently think of the midwife saying to Danny, "Well, Dad, what do we have?" and him sobbing (don't hate me for saying that, Danny), "It's a girl!" So, so incredible.

It was important for Meghan to have photos of Keegan with his big brother, who waited years and years for a sibling, and I'm so happy I got to take them. When I entered the hospital room, I said to Jacob, "He's gonna be your best buddy." He looked down at his newborn brother's face and told me, "He already is." Cue the waterworks. 

Meghan also really wanted a few photos of Keegan in his cute onesie, and what can I say—we did our best!

Keegan preferred being swaddled and cuddled, so most of the session, he was chillin' in the arms of somebody who loves him, including his grandma, who happens to be one of the best ladies on earth. Smart boy already.

Meghan, thank you for trusting me to capture these first moments of your sweet boy's life. Your sons are wonderful, and I know watching them be brothers and best friends is going to be the most remarkable thing ever to happen to you—and you deserve every glorious second of it. Congratulations!