An Evening with The S Family | Rocky River Reservation, Fairview Park, Ohio Family Photography

I had the pleasure of spending an evening with little Rowan and her parents last week, and what better backdrop than the lively green that our beautiful Cleveland Metroparks offer? Hello, spring!

We snuck in a few posed shots (you know, the kind of photo Grandma likes), but oh, man. It's those completely candid documentary-style shots that really get my heart pitter-pattering.

Years from now, when Jackie looks back at these real, authentic moments frozen in time, she'll almost be able to feel her baby girl snuggled up against her again. She'll remember Rowan's adorable, chunky cheeks, her million facial expressions, and the way her mama-heart almost burst when the loves of her life walked hand in hand—no destination in mind, just enjoying the journey. I'm infinitely grateful for the opportunity to play a role in this experience.

Okay, S Family, you're the best, and I can't wait to take your perfect girl's birthday party photos next month. Keep loving each other like crazy, and I'll see you soon!