Coco Turns One | Cleveland, Ohio Baby Photography

I photographed sweet Colette shortly after her first birthday, and it was truly an honor. This little sweetheart has had a rough year, but based on her happy disposition, you'd never know it. This girl is tough! Her smile and zest for life are simply contagious, and let me tell you, she stole my heart completely.

I'm pretty sure my jaw dropped when I entered Colette's Pinterest-worthy nursery—the perfectly curated decor, the countless personal touches, the contemporary color palette, the soft light flooding in from the windows: it was something out of a photographer's wildest dreams.

I think in-home lifestyle sessions are the way to go for children because instead of trying to corral them into a specific spot and make sure they're looking this way or that way, they can simply wander around the place that makes them happiest, just doing their thing, surrounded by their favorite comforts.

Colette spent the majority of our time together reading books on the floor, completely enthralled by them, and she was just a joy to watch.

She loved showing off her rocking bunny, too—how she can use it as support while standing, and how her proud daddy holds onto her as she just rocks to her heart's content. 

Cleveland spring is as unpredictable as Cleveland's other three seasons, so I felt very fortunate that we were able to pop outside for a few photos in front of this family's beautiful home. Could they be any cuter??

Coco & co., the bond you share is one born of trials and hardship—a bond that's deep and true, and apparent immediately upon meeting you. I sincerely hope Coco's second year—and the many, many, many years after—are smooth sailing; you've earned it a hundred times over. Thank you for trusting me to capture these memories of your incredible girl.