Sullivan, The Miracle | Lakewood, Ohio Newborn Photography

Nothing warms my heart like a rainbow baby. Both of my children were born after losses, so these stories of heartache followed by joy always hit close to home for me. 

Not only is Sullivan a rainbow, but he gave his parents quite a scare when he made his appearance five weeks early. His mama and I both teared up as she told me how painful it was to have him taken from her and sent to the NICU right after he was born, and how it tore her heart to pieces to go home without him.

Sullivan is two months old now, and he's as healthy as can be! He's made it off the premie chart and is in the 30th percentile on the full-term newborn chart. He is perfect.  

The day of the shoot was one of those crazy fifty-degrees-in-February days, so we were able to pop outside for a few shots. It was such a joy to watch Sullivan revel in the sunshine.

Big brother, Waylen, wasn't too happy about having to wear a shirt or have his photos taken (It's hard being three!), but he did enjoy showing off his baby brother. He held his hand and gave him smooches, and I thought my heart was going to burst. These two handsome boys are so lucky to have each other. They're going to bicker and wrestle—and love and defend each other unconditionally, and be best buddies forever. 

Is there anything sweeter than a man holding his baby? I could barely handle how new and delicate Sullivan looked in his daddy's arms.

It's clear that these three are completely smitten with their newest family member, and it was such an honor to be invited into their home to capture these memories for them.

Welcome to the world, Sullivan, you precious little fighter. You couldn't have picked a better family.