Three-Month-Old Grayson | North Olmsted, Ohio Baby Photography

I photographed Grayson when he was just a day old, and when I showed up for his three-month photo session, I couldn't believe how much he'd changed. He was smiling, grasping anything within reach (mama's pretty hair, for the most part), and cooing up a storm.

I'm a natural light photographer, and I was nervous that dreary Cleveland would force me to work in a dark house—so the soft, serene light flooding into G and Jess's beautiful home felt like an incredible gift.

We spent the majority of the session in the adorable nursery, then we headed to the sunroom for storytime. The way Grayson lit up when his daddy opened his owl book is a moment I'll remember for a long, long time, and I know his parents are glad we captured it. With two word-people raising him, books are sure to be an integral part of Grayson's childhood, and he's probably going to be reading novels before kindergarten. 

I adored watching G and Jess interact with their sweet boy. Their love for him is written all over their faces, and I know all their answers are in his eyes. There's nothing on the planet like that firstborn.  

Now, G and Jess, please give your beautiful boy a hundred smooches for me (it took everything I had not to do it myself), and keep up the good work with this whole parenting thing. You're naturals, and Grayson is as lucky as you guys are. XO