Jerry is Six Months Old | Mentor, Ohio Baby Photographer


Little Jerry! What can I say about this child, except OMG, IS HE REAL? Can you even look at his sweet little face and incredible, fuzzy hair without smiling? Impossible, right?

Jerry's parents (also absurdly cute) were nervous he'd be grumpy for me because he wasn't lovin' life prior to the shoot—but we lucked out! This dude is a pro. He busted out several smiles for us and saved any discontent for the very end of our time together. I'm not sure a session with a six month old could possibly go more smoothly. Well done, cutie! 

I know how fortunate I am that, as part of my job, I get to see families interact with each other; I LOVE this. I especially enjoy watching parents with their firstborn. Everything's so new and exciting to them, and when I'm in the middle of all this, behind my camera, it takes me right back to those early days with my Arlo, when I didn't even know what else was going on around me; I just knew I was a happy, lucky (and tired) MOMMY. 

Okay, Jerry's Mom and Dad, thank you for allowing me to photograph your family of three, and thank you for bringing your amazing little boy into the world; he's going to make a lot of people really, really happy.

Evie's Cake Smash | North Ridgeville, Ohio Baby Photographer

Sweet Evie turned a year old this month, and I had the honor of photographing her little backyard cake smash. I loved every second of it (and I was smiling like a crazy woman the whole time I edited the session later).

It wasn't the most intense cake smash I've ever witnessed (Evie liked the frosting, but she was a little unsure of the actual cake)—but it was certainly the prettiest. 


Evie's mom is Jen—of the incredible local cake pop company, Jenni Pops, and since Jen's an incredibly talented designer and all-around expert in on-trend aesthetics, I had a feeling Evie's cake smash would be stunning, and let me tell you, Jen and Evie didn't disappoint!

The dress, the headband, the cake, THE BACKDROP. Are you kidding me right now, Jen?! 

I photographed Evie last fall, and my kids have referred to her as "the baby with the beautiful blue eyes" ever since. Quite fitting, right? I'm gonna see if they'd like to change it to "the baby with the beautiful every-feature-on-her-face." Such a gorgeous child.

Jen, I can't tell you what it means to me to have played a small part in this stunning cake smash. Thank you for trusting me to capture these memories. Evie, Happy, Happy Birthday, precious girl. I hope your second year is filled with cake pops, discovery, and love. XO

Ian + Kerri | Lorain, Ohio Engagement Photographer


Oh, man. I'm head over heels in love with Ian and Kerri's engagement session, so I'm going to share waaaaaay too many photos. I think I have 50 favorites, so get comfortable.

The day of our session was over 90 degrees, but since we'd previously rescheduled twice due to storms (Thanks, Cleveland!), we enjoyed the sunshine and did our best to ignore the heat. It was SUCH a hot day, but I'm telling you, it was gorgeous.

We started out at Lakeview Park in Lorain. The rose garden hosts roses of every color, and it's so, so pretty. The beach was insanely crowded, so we didn't spend much time there, but we were able to snap a couple photos in front of the water before moving on to our next location.

We drove five minutes down the road to The Mile Long Pier, and with every step we took there, we waltzed right into a perfect photo op. The water, the lighthouse, the sunshine, the pier—all of it... perfection. (Oh, and those two beautiful faces certainly didn't hurt, either.)

I mean, seriously. Kerri has the sweetest features ever (those dimples!), and Ian looks just like young Elvis, and these guys make each other smile nonstop—and I can hardly stand how cute they are together. 

At the end of our session, we all got to witness a breathtaking sunset. We stopped everything for a minute and genuinely enjoyed watching as the sun seemed to drop right out of the orange sky and disappear into the water. Thanks, Cleveland—for real.

And thank you, Ian and Kerri, for trusting me with your engagement photos and your 2018 WEDDING! You're beautiful, your love is beautiful, and your big day is going to beautiful—and I can't wait to freeze it in time forever for you. XO  

Caroline is Two | Fairview Park, Ohio Milestone Photographer

I took Caroline's two-year photos at Mastick Woods in the Rocky River Reservation, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite spots in Cleveland. There's something for everyone there — the river, wooded areas, clearings, and a small playground. 

Caroline, who was sporting the cutest spring outfit ever, was a big fan of the playground, and spent much of our time together climbing up and down the steps, loving life and cheering herself on — "I did it!" with the confidence of a girl who's encouraged often and loved deeply. Good work, Mom and Dad.

It's no surprise that the swings were a big hit, and I think the best photos of the day happened there. Look at all those amazing expressions! 

We spent a little time wandering around, letting Caroline lead the way. That's the key to a successful photo shoot with toddlers; if you let them call the shots, magic will happen. 

Caroline, I loved spending my sunny Saturday morning with you! Happy 2nd Birthday, you brave, independent, remarkable girl.

I get to see these three again in a few months, when they welcome their newest little one to their family, and it's gonna be amazing.

The M Family | Mentor, Ohio Family Photographer

Remember this incredible crew? I had the honor of hanging out with them again last weekend, our main goal being to get a really solid family photo.

Good thing we nailed it right out of the gate, because as soon as we got our first batch of shots, the skies opened and we got pretty wet while we ran for cover. Instead of panicking, everybody laughed, and I can't tell you how happy that made me. Even Maddy was unruffled, which is pretty impressive, considering shes's three months old.

Okay, speaking of laughter. I shared this story on Facebook and Instagram, but I have to document it here, too, because it's my new fave. During an attempt to squeeze in a couple more family shots, Avery decided to tell me a story, and in the middle of it, she shouted "Look! A squirrel!" I've heard that phrase a hundred times, but never before in complete seriousness. Thank you, Universe, for three year olds.

It was fun to see how much Maddy has grown since I last saw her 2 1/2 months ago. She's still the most content baby ever born, and she's still stunningly beautiful. I see a lot of big sister in her face.

M Family, you're just a joy to be around, and I hope you love your family photos as much as I do!