Hello, Giada | Parma Heights, Ohio Newborn Photographer


I may have mentioned this before, but I'm a sucker for a baby with lots of dark hair, so needless to say, I LOVED taking Giada's newborn photos.


Giada's brother and sister are pretty happy with her, too. That's one good-looking group of siblings, isn't it?! 

Giada was wide-awake and completely content during her whole session, and if I could, I'd go visit her every single day and take her photos. 

Lucky for me, I get to see her and her family again later in the year for fall photos, so I'll be looking forward to that!

Giada, welcome to the world, beautiful. You're part of a kind and amazing family, and with their love and support, you're going to do so many remarkable things.

Aleena's First Birthday Photos and Cake Smash | Cleveland, Ohio Studio Photographer


How's that for a perfect face?! Aleena came to see me last month for her first birthday photos and cake smash, and I'm still thinking about those gorgeous rosy cheeks.

She growled every time she took a bite, which I can totally relate to because I've been known to turn into an animal around cake.


Aleena, you are SUCH a doll baby, and I hope your first birthday was extraordinary.  


Benjamin's First Birthday Photos and Cake Smash | Cleveland, Ohio Studio Photographer


Adorable Benjamin graced my studio with his presence last month, and we had so much fun! 

He didn't eat much cake, but he loved painting himself with icing—and he was such a perfect little ham, smiling for the camera and busting out all kinds of perfect expressions.


Benjamin, I hope your second year brings you a billion reasons to smile that contagious little smile of yours. It was a pleasure to meet you. XO


Rowan at Rockefeller Greenhouse | Cleveland, Ohio Family Photographer


Last month, I met up with Rowan and her parents at Rockefeller Greenhouse for a little spring family shoot. I just saw Ro in the fall, and I can't believe how much she's shot up since then. I love watching these kiddos grow!

Ro's stranger-danger phase kicked in right on schedule and is in full force, so I spent much of the session in stealth mode, hiding behind flowers. She peeked around corners before entering a new room of the greenhouse to make sure I wasn't there, which was both sad and hilarious. I hope I didn't traumatize the poor child.

This photo, one of my all-time favorites, sums up Ro's thoughts about me:


I sincerely enjoyed watching Rowan snuggle her parents and take in the different colors and smells of the awesome greenhouse.

I get to see this cutie again next month for her 2-year photo session, and maybe she'll hate me a little less then. Stay tuned!

Emmy is Six Months Old | Cleveland, Ohio Studio Photographer

One of my favorite little families came to see me last week—to document sweet Emmy at 6 months old and to help me showcase what my new studio in Fairview Park can do. Check it out!

All three of those sweethearts are absurdly cute—and the studio is pretty adorable, too, right? Schedule your studio session today! We'll have fun AND you'll get a bunch of pretty photos in the process. Can't wait to see you!